Saturday, November 7, 2015

My first Mozilla Seminar in HIT

Hello Everyone..

This is Rahul Bhattacharjee, a Mozillian and FSA.

As it’s my first blog I will take a little longer. So starting from beginning, initially I didn't have much knowledge about browsers my works are limited up to Youtube and Google search engine. The day I started using internet is same the day I started using Mozilla products (starting with Firefox, our most favorite browser). Since after many years I came to know about open sources I felt glad to volunteer as Mozillian, and now this has been around 2 months that I have been doing this work. I had recently registered in Firefox Students Ambassadors program in the light of exploring my interest.. And Guess what??  Yet I didn't exactly know that what was to be done with the same. Once after a few days of registration, I at last asked Sumantro Mukherjee(Reps) about the same. I explained him that since I was in first year I didn’t had too much technical knowledge that I could help in! So he told me that there are many more aspects of contributing towards Mozilla.

So now coming to the event, it is a Great joy that I would like to describe my first fantastic experience at the “4 Hours of Code @HIT”.
Three of us went to HIT for the event…. Which included me, Sumantro Mukherjee and Debapriya Bhattacharya.

The Event was put up on the Reps Page by Sumantro Mukherjee
Link is here ->

Event Organiser - Debapriya bhattacharya

We started at about 1pm. The session started with an introductory speech of Sumantro Mukherjee(Reps), a brief session on Introduction to Mozilla, FOSS, proceeding with what is an open source, what is the difference between a free source and open source, and they also told us interesting facts about various social sites and websites. 

Then he told us about the Mozilla Mission, then he told us, how we can start contributing to Mozilla in various fields of interests, explained us that how beneficial such kind of individual work started itself in first year is to us in terms of future as well as how interesting it turns out to be involving ourselves in such contributions to Mozilla or to any open source. They even told audience their great experience with Mozilla and how they enjoy being a Mozillian. We were also told about Firefox OS and Github. The Firefox OS app dev, it’s an interesting part of the seminar to me. Then at last we concluded the session! There were many quizzes held with winners and prizes.

It was a great seminar with a great conclusion, and a good feedback by the audience. Learned a lot that day and greatly looking forward to many of the Mozilla events in future…!!! :)


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